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  • Adel Pekana Adel 32 (Opsonat) (20ml) Original price was: ₹295.00.Current price is: ₹265.00.

    Adel Pekana Adel 32 (Opsonat) Indications:

    Supports the treatment of inflammations in various organs (GI tract, respiratory tract, synovial membranes); supports excretion in case of harmed body mucosa and helps in focal infections, rheumatic inflammations and pleurisy as part of a complex treatment
    As a rule, acute or chronic illnesses develop from toxins produced by either clinically-manifested or latent infections, including undiagnosed sinus and dental conditions that cause no obvious symptoms. These infections must be eliminated to restore the body’s mucosa to proper working order. Moreover, treatment of these infection prevents organs from being continuously overwhelmed by toxins and helps restore proper functioning
    ADEL 32 (OPSONAT) drops promote healing of focal infections in various organs and stimulate, regulate and clean the blood. This medication also enhances the immune system’s ability to eliminate pathogens, including those found in therapy-resistant mycotic infections. Once the terrain is cleared of toxic wastes, ADEL 32 drops stimulate the body’s own systemic regulation, making true healing possible.
    In addition, ADEL 32 drops help detoxify the joints and are indicated for reoccurring chronic ulcerations. Most therapies with this medication should also include ADEL 3 (apo-HEPAT) drops and ADEL 66 (TOXEX) drops


    Acidum nitricum 6x, Acidum sulfuricum 6x, Bellis perennis 6x, Glechoma hederacea 6x, Gratiola officinalis 6x, Hydrastis canadensis 6x, Lachesis mutus 6x, Sempervivum tectorum 6x.
    Acidum nitricum is effective in treating all infections of the mucous membranes with accompanying bleeding, as well as general weakness, swollen lymph nodes and an impaired nervous system. It also promotes proper regulation of all organs in the body.
    Acidum sulfuricum treats mucosal infections accompanied by bleeding throughout the entire body. It also resolves stomach catarrh and related conditions such as acid anomalies, gastric ulcers, a swollen liver, intestinal ulcers and hemorrhoids. Exhaustion, weakness, trembling, migraines, painful rheumatism and skin diseases all indicate that the body is not capable of excreting correctly and requires homeopathic support.
    Bellis perennis is another herb that effectively treats conditions of the mucous membranes. It is also excellent for healing wounds, injuries, strains, dislocations, hematoma and tumors developed due to injuries. In addition, it helps heal capillary weakness, furuncles, carbuncles and joint rheum atism.
    Glechoma hederacea stimulates the entire metabolism and improves the functioning of excretion pathways. When the body is unable to excrete properly over a long period of time, the organs slowly lose their ability to function properly, leading to cellular damage, liver and spleen disease, faulty blood cell formation and digestive weakness. Glechoma hederacea is an excellent natural medication that prevents these conditions, and is also indicated for burning or bleeding hemorrhoids.
    Gratiola officinalis handles portal vein and pelvic area problems combined with constipation. This herb also helps heal stomach and intestinal catarrh, gastritis, gastroenteritis and disruptions in liver function with cramps and colic.
    Hydrastis canadensis has proven highly reliable for treating chronic catarrh and works deeply to resolve mucosal infections. It also treats pre-cancerous conditions and the accompanying weight loss and lack of energy.
    Lachesis mutus is an excellent all-around medication for treating a wide variety of illnesses including septic blood conditions, hypertonia, thrombophlebitis, embolisms, organic heart disorders, endocarditis, myocarditis, systemic intoxification and viral infections. It also helps heal acute joint rheumatism, hepatitis infection and endocrinal disruptions related to the thyroid gland
    Sempervivum tectorum is effective against erysipelatous affections, herpes zoster, cancerous tumors, warts an d corns


    (Unless otherwise prescribed)
    Adults 20 drops, Children 7 – 10 drops, 3 times a day in some liquid before meals.

    Original Packing: 20ml sealed bottle.

  • Allen A1 Analgesic Drops (30ml) 170.00

    Allen A1 Analgesic Drops

    is indicated for neuralgic Pains, Headache, and Arthralgia.


    Gelsemium Sempervirens 3x
    Spigelia 3x
    Colocynthis 3x
    Acid Salicylicum 3x in aqua destillata

    Directions For Use:

    8 to 10 drops in half cup of water, 3 times in a day or as directed by the physician.


  • Dr. Reckeweg Bio Combination No.24 (20gm) Original price was: ₹200.00.Current price is: ₹190.00.


    Wasting diseases, anaemia, general debility, exhaustion with lack of vitality. For women weakened by frequent child bearing


    Calcarea phosphorica 3x
    Ferrum phosphoricum 3x
    Kalium phosphoricum 3x
    Magnesia phosphorica 3x
    Natrum phosphoricum 3x

    Dosage / Directions:

    Adults : 4 tablets every three hours or four times a day.

    Children : 1 to 2 tablets 4 times a day.

  • Dr. Reckeweg R14-Sleep and Nerve Drops 22ml (Quieta) Original price was: ₹285.00.Current price is: ₹265.00.

    Dr. Reckeweg R14-Sleep and Nerve Drops

    Indications of Dr. Reckeweg R14-Sleep and Nerve Drops :

    Insomnia and various disturbances of the sleep, superficial sleep, light sleep, sleeplessness, drowsiness in the morning, weariness during the day, vivacity in the evening. Nervous restlessness and over-excitement of the nervous system. Neurasthenia, consequences of mental conflicts of long duration.


    Ammonium bromatum
    Avena sativa
    Humulus lupulus
    Passiflora incarnata
    Zincum valerianicum

    Dosage / Directions:

    In extreme nervous exhaustion and insomnia, 3 times a day 10-15 drops in some water, at night 20 drops in some sweetened water. In most cases general relief and a less agitated sleep follow after several days. Thereupon, 10-15 drops once or twice daily ought to suffice. However, R14 acts differently on various individuals. Patients sensitive to medicine very often experience an aggravation, chiefly of insomnia. In such cases the dose should immediately be reduced to 5 drops 3 times a day, sometimes even less, even down to once only during the day (not recommended in the evening). Dosage should be adapted to the individual. In some cases, 20-30 drops 3 times a day may have to be taken to obtain any effect. However, before increasing the dose it would be advisable to observe the action of the medicine for several days.

    – Regular treatment should be continued for a longer period of time even after complete recovery, at the rate of 10-15 drops taken in the evening.

    Packing: 22ml sealed bottle.

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