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  • Adel 26 Osteoarthritis Drops (20ml) Original price was: ₹295.00.Current price is: ₹270.00.

    Adel 26 Osteoarthritis Drops

    Supportive treatment for osteoarthritis, ostitis, osteoporosis, disturbed bone formation and periostitis as part of a complex treatment
    All body tissues are subject to beneficial regeneration through an ongoing tearing down and re-building process. For example, special connective tissue cells are available for re-building bone, such as the osteoblasts.
    If the normal tearing down/re-building process is altered due to hormonal imbalances, chronic infections, rheumatic processes or metabolic disturbances, the result can be a reduction of bone quality due to insufficient adsorption of nutrients. The healing components of ADEL 26 (Oss – regen drops) help halt bone degeneration while restoring the metabolism and other body processes.


    Acidum phosphoricum 8x, Asa foetida 6x, Bellis perennis 6x, Bryonia cretica 6x, Equisetum arvense 6x, Galipea officinalis 12x, Guajacum 6x, Ruta graveolens 6x
    A basic ingredient of this healing preparation is Acidum phosphoricum as it is necessary for a good composition of the bones. In general it acts against weakness of the mind and body, regulates the function of the nerves, the heart, the metabolism of calcium and reduces all rheumatic pains of the joints and muscles.
    The next well known material in the complex is Asa foetida. It stands against painful inflammation of the bones with swollen and painful periosteum. It also heals ulcers affecting the bones.
    Muscle and joint rheumatism can be found in the remedy picture of Bellis perennis. It reduces arthralgic – myalgic – neuralgic pains and supports the healing of traumatic processes in a well known manner.

    Bryonia cretica(Bryonia) regulates the activity of the muscles, tendons and articular capsules and reduces sticking pains in all the regions. It decreases disturbances in the digestive system, stomach and colon catarrhs, liver pains due to a disturbed metabolism.
    A very important ingredient of the complex is Equisetum arvense. This plant acts in different directions. In homeopathy it is known as a good remedy against diseases of the urinary system and as a wonderful remedy for the inner metabolism. This on the base of vegetable silicea, which can be used by the body better than the chemical material.
    Galipea officinalis (Angustra) is a leading ingredient for inflammatio and pain in the bones, muscles and knees, connected with rheumatic stiffness and cramps.

    Guajacum is known as a good antipsoric material. It acts against lymphatic inflammations dyspeptic states and other illnesses on the base of a bad constitution and is a great remedy for gouty rheumatic pains in all joints and other parts of the body.
    The last ingredient of the complex is Ruta graveolens (Ruta), a plant with a wide good influenc for all rheumatic states in the connective tissues. It acts against stitching pains in the tendo-achilles, bones affections and rheumatic states with contractions and neuralgic pains.


    (Unless otherwise prescribed)
    Adults 20 drops, Children 7 – 10 drops, 3 times a day in some liquid before meals.

    Original Packing: 20ml sealed bottle.

    Information on Spondylitis –

    Ankylosing spondylitis is a type of arthritis that mainly affects the back, by causing inflammation in the spine. This can make your back, rib cage and neck stiff and painful.

    It often starts in people who are in their late teens or 20s.

    In response to the inflammation, the body produces extra calcium around the bones of the spine. This can make extra bits of bone grow and cause your back and neck to be more stiff.

    In rare cases some of the bones of the spine may link up, or fuse together because of the extra calcium. In serious cases this can make the spine curve forward more. You can reduce the risk of this happening, if you:

    • keep active
    • have effective medical treatment
    • try to maintain a good posture.

    While it mainly affects the neck and back, it can also cause pain and stiffness elsewhere in the body, including in the hips, shoulders and feet.

    We don’t yet know what causes ankylosing spondylitis. To some extent it’s related to your genes, but the condition isn’t passed directly from a parent to their children. You can’t catch it from anyone else.

  • Dr. R S Bhargava Spondin Drops (30ml) Original price was: ₹170.00.Current price is: ₹145.00.

    Dr. R S Bhargava Spondin Drops (30ml) – provides relief from spondylitis, particularly cervical spondylitis. Spondin drops benefits by treating neuralgia, chronic pain caused affecting the trigeminal nerve in the face. Relieves bone and joint pain, strained muscles and tendons, stinging pains, sharp back spasm associated with degenerative changes as well as accidental injuries and acts well in deep pains and bruised feeling in neck and back.


    Hypericum perforatum 5X
    Cuprum metalicum 6X
    Conium maculatum 3X
    Colocynthis vulgaris 3X
    Ruta graveolens 3X
    Dulcamera 3X
    Ledum palustre 2X

    Directions For Use:

    Take 10-15 drops in half cup of lukewarm water thrice a day or as directed by the physician.

  • Lords Spondi Rite Drops (30ml) Original price was: ₹160.00.Current price is: ₹150.00.

    Lords Spondi Rite Drops (30ml) – Lords Spondi-Rite Drop is especially designed remedy for patients suffering from spondilytis. It act well on shooting, cutting, intermittent pain in bones, joints, muscles and tendons by acting on nerve ending.


    Colocynthis Vulgaris
    Ruta Graveolens
    Hypericum Perforatum
    Ledum Palustre
    Cuprum Metallicum
    Conium Maculatum


    Adults take 10-15 Lord’s Spondi -Rite Drops in half cup of lukewarm water thrice a day or as prescribed by the physician
    Children take half the adult dose, or as prescribed by the physician.

  • Nipco Spondonip Drops (30ml) Original price was: ₹130.00.Current price is: ₹120.00.

    Nipco Spondonip Drops (30ml)  – is indicated for pain from cervical spondylosis can be mild to severe. It is sometimes worsened by looking up or down for a long time, or with activities such as driving or reading a book. It also feels better with rest or lying down. Other symptoms are neck pain and stiffness, numbness and weakness in arms and fingers, trouble walking, loss of balance, or weakness in hands or legs, muscle spasms in neck and shoulders, headaches, grinding and crackling sound/feeling in neck with movement.


    Aconite 6
    Gelsimium 6
    Lycopodium 6
    Causticum 6
    Guaiacum 6
    Lachnanthus 6
    Rhus Tox 6
    Sanguinaria 6
    Chelidonium 6
    Cimicifuga 6
    Dulcamara 6

    Dosage / Directions:

    Adullts: 10-15 drops in 1/4th cup of water three times a day before meals.

    Children: Half of the adult dose.

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