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  • Bakson B41 Vitality Drops (30ml) 185.00

    Bakson B41 Vitality Drops


    Bakson’s B41 Vitality Drops is a useful remedy to boost vitality. Loss of Vitality can result in overall weakness in the body accompanied by lethargy. It mostly results from certain diseases or improper diet along with weak digestion. It helps in providing relief from symptoms of palpitation, general weariness, Vertigo and tired limbs. It revitalizes your body and helps in retaining the lost vigour and vitality.


    Acidum nitricum
    Acidum phosphoricum
    Calcarea iodatum
    Ferrum iodatum


    Take 10-15 drops of Bakson’s B41 Vitality Drops mixed in diluted water thrice a day or as directed by the physician.

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