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  • Adel 40 Drops Verintex (20ml) Original price was: ₹295.00.Current price is: ₹275.00.

    Adel 40 Drops Verintex

    For all forms of warts like juvenile, plantar, senile, “vulgar” warts and warts surrounding nails and corns


    Acidum nitricum Stibium sulfuratum nigrum 8x, Antimon crudum 6x, Causticum Hahnemanni 4x, Solanum dulcamara (Dulcamara) 4x, Ruta graveolens 4x, Acidum silicium (Silicea) 12x, Delphinium staphisagria (Staphisagria) 6x, Thuja occidentalis 12x,
    The mineral acid Acidum nitricum is considered to be a true remedy for sycosis and approaches all infections of the body’s mucous membranes, which can also be in ulcerated form. The chronicity characteristic of the indica-tions treated by the pharmaceutical substance points out that even the nervous system responds to unresolved situations of illness of the respiratory organs, urinary and digestive tracts with an overstrained disposition and physical weakness; a situation which is then accompanied by a weakened immune system. In regard to the skin, the substance’s sphere of influence is roven against itching and stinging warts.

    Chronic eczemas and warts put the spotlight on Causticum Hahnemanni. These also stand in relation to mani-fest metabolic disorders within the entire organism, whereby even these can trigger pronounced skin symptoms.
    Delphinium staphisagria is a remedy that nervous people respond to well. Thereby, the substance also combats damage caused by the gastrointestinal tract, which expresses itself as stomach aches due to irregular intestinal activity and aggravation. These processes display pronounced skin reactions, of which warts in the genital area are of predominant interest here.
    Ruta graveolens clears the area of the more or less hyperkeratotic epidermal wart growths, which have been triggered by a viral infection. Although the remedy is most familiar as an eye medication, it is also quite significant as a cure for bones, periostium, joints, and muscles.
    In pharmacology, Silicea is indicated again for chronic infections and insufficien gastrointestinal functions, which lead to the development of poorly healing sore processes, all types of festering inflammation of the skin, scar-ring, but also wart growth. The substance has a pronounced affinity for chronic processes, which continuously burden the immune system.
    Solanum dulcamara, the great moisture remedy, has an alkaloid spectrum, solamarine, as main active subs-tance. In addition, there are neutral saponins, which have a regulatory effect on the digestive tract. As a result of its effect by increased perspiration, intestinal disorders, and pronounced urinary symptoms (cystitis and cysto-pyelitis), it is indicated for use on the skin against itching and blistering eruptions along with warts on the hands.
    Stibium sulfuratum nigrum (Antimon crudum) also has pronounced dermal indications. In reference to wart growths, these are primarily found situated on the fingers The mineral has an overall broad-based healing impact in all organ areas, so that weaknesses due to swelling in the liver and spleen, along with gouty slagging as a result of manifest digestive disorders, can be cleared up.
    As a pharmaceutical, Thuja acts against – as comprehensive remedy for physical constitution and plant against primarily chronic infection processes – smooth or fissured wart growths on the skin. It thereby joins dulcamara, which also develops its special efficacy with illnesses that re caused by damp chill.
    In combination with the externally used compound that has the same name as the remedy, it has shown itself to be an effective and innocuous specialty that does not harm the skin.


    (Unless otherwise prescribed)
    Adults 20 drops, Children 7 – 10 drops, Infants 5 – 7 drops,
    3 times a day in some liquid before meals.

    Original Packing: 20ml sealed bottle.

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