About Us

SAGAR HOMEO is the trusted andoldest homeopathic medicine and consultation clinic store. The homeopathic treatmentway back in 1950 was a mere puzzled word. Dr. Mir Osman Ali proudly takes the initiativeof bringing homeopathy to the city offering complete homeopathic products andeffective treatments for acute and chronic diseases.

Over the past decades, SagarHomeo has built its presence with 14 branches in twin cities of Hyderabad andSecundrabad so is the largest retailer for homeopathic products backed by ateam of over 100 employees. Sagar Homeo is the approved provider which maintainsquality and original homeopathic medicines .

Sagar Homeo now has taken onemore step forward with the launch of its website www.homeobasket.com. The website will be anonline purchasing platform for complete homeopathic medicine and cosmetics. Theservices will be limited to twin cities of Hyderabad and secundrabad, whereconsumers can order and pay being at home. From homeobasket.com a consumer cansearch and select remedies, syrups, tablets and personal care products fromover 3000 range of available stock.

 We wish we will be continuing our effort and improviseourselves for the health and wellbeing of the public.